Become a Reseller or Dropshipper

We welcome you in joining our

In this in instance you will register with us (below) and get wholesale prices on some of our items. (Please note that we may not offer wholesale prices on all items due to a very small profit margin on some).

Once registered you will be able to login and see which items you will get a discount on. You may use these prices and add your own mark-up. Vontay Group will have no doings with your clients – everything will be done between you and your clients (orders, pricing, etc.)

Once you have received an order from your customer you will submit the order to us. You can stipulate under ‘Order Notes’ that you require dropshipping (we ship directly to your client without any branding or invoices in the packaging), or we may ship to you and you can ship to your customer (as a reseller). It is important to advise whether the shipping address is yours or your customers.

You will be required to make the purchase and payment on our online store with your wholesale login (as you are our customer). Payments for the order by your customer will be made between you your customer, and have nothing to do with Vontay Group.

It is important to understand that no returns can be made on personalised items. 

Please ensure you have read all our policies and are clear about these to your clients. 

Steps to
  1. If you have read and understand the information on this page, scroll to the bottom to fill in your registration form.
  2. Reseller FAQ will be found on this page. So if you get stuck – head on over here. If you are still stuck – contact our team for help.
  3. If you are approved to be a reseller or dropshipper, you will be able to login to your account as a customer would, but you will see your wholesale pricing.
  4. You can then place and pay for orders.
Frequently Asked

It is important to remember that your customer will place the order with you at the price that you charge the customer. The customer will pay you and you will be required to place and pay for the order online (with your login).

You will be able to see what we charge customers for the same products. But you will have to charge your customer – at a rate which you are comfortable. Please do not forget that there are set-up and shipping fees. We suggest to get a full price breakdown that you add the items to your cart and quote the customer on the prices given at checkout. 

If you’re serious about reselling Vontay Group’s products to your clients, then you can become a Reseller. But if you’re just looking for a cheap way to get discounted licenses for your own use, then the Reseller Program isn’t for you.

The products vary in discounts. When you have been approved you will have your own login to view the prices of the products for you.

It is completely free to join as a reseller with Vontay Group.

In both cases you are a reseller and deal with the clients yourself. With dropshipping we will ship the products to your customers without any of our branding. Alternatively we can ship to you and you get the product to your customers.

Reseller / Dropshipping