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      • When choosing a product, click ‘customise’, this will take you to our product designer when you can then create your very own design and even upload images. Custom prints are charged a fixed fee per side (no matter the colours, but has to be within the size). You can view your price calculation on the Design Editor > Product > Scroll to bottom on left panel > Click Price Calculation Formula Upon order this design will be sent to us, which we will print and sublimate onto your chosen product. We will print the exact design that you submit to us upon ordering the product. It is important to understand that the colours will differ to see what you see on your screen.
      • Please note, the visual product template images that are used when adding your designs are ‘template images’, this means they may not reflect the actual product ordered. The same applies to your visual mock ups. Please note, we order blank clothing, garments and products from wholesaler distributors, and then customise these items with printing for our clients. All sizes and colours shown online on the catalogues are not under our control, and we cannot be held accountable for colour variations from on screen colours to real product colours, nor can we be held responsible for sizing issues. We do our very best with our Quality Controls to manage these rare problems. We highly recommend ordering samples to ensure these size and colour problems are not encountered. Please also note that, if a specific colour or size is not available, with orders, if we have not got the time to contact you, we may swap the garment or product for an alternative in a similar colour and style and size, in order to fulfil your order. All Online Orders will be processed with sublimation printing, or whatever is deemed suitable for your order by our print team. By accepting our terms and conditions, you understand, agree and accept any change we make in the fulfilment of your order, with no rights of refund. We will print the artwork you supply us. Sending us a design from the online order constitutes as an Artwork Approval and no further changes can be made. When uploaded or emailing us any artwork you give Vontay Group (Pty) Ltd full consent to print the artwork or designs. You confirm that the artwork is yours to use, and/or free from copyright infringement. You accept full responsibility in the event of any copyright infringement, and will fully indemnify Vontay Group (Pty) Ltd. When emailing us or uploading artwork and upon payment you accept this artwork disclaimer in full. The visual template and online visual designer is not to scale. The size of the actual printed artworks may vary to the representation and proportions which you see online. All printing techniques will be the best colour match possible. Please note computer screen colours will differ from final print colours. We will not be held responsible for colour variation. For online sales, all artworks/files uploaded will be printed without artwork checking, and any quality issue will not be the responsibility of us. You will not be entitled to a refund or reprint if the artwork you provided us does is not of good quality. Please try to upload the best quality possible. Due to the printing process for dye sublimation, it is normal that the print leaves white/visible marks and imperfections where there are creases or folds in the garments. These marks are commonly found around the armpit area or at the seams and hems. These issues fall outside of our reprint and refund policy. Please be aware that a true black colour cannot be achieved with dye sublimation as the T-Shirts can only absorb a certain amount of ink. Therefore, black can often not be as saturated as some other colours and may appear ‘off-black’. Dye sublimation printing is primarily suited to all over randomly placed designs, not position specific designs but please contact us if you have any doubts. This means attempting to match up round to round hem to hem patterns may not be achievable on all or any of your orders. These issues fall outside of our refund policy. Sublimation printing output WILL differ to what is seen on screen. Artwork files are checked by our print managers for quality purposes, but ultimately a computer machine reads these colours and translates these colours into ink that gets jetted directly into the fabric. Sublimation printing output is, therefore, subject to variance. This means when printing the same design several times it may not appear as sharp on one garment as another. Additionally, it may appear different on one garment to another garment due to colours and materials reacting differently to the inks.
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        All Rights Reserved.

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          Tips: If you want to send content with screenshots or videos, you can upload them to imgur.com or any drive services and put links here.

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            • Options
              • Automatically align the position of
                the active object with other objects
              • ON: Keep all current objects and append the template into
                OFF: Clear all objects before installing the template
              • Replace the selected image object instead of creating a new one
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                • Adrian
                • Roxy
                • Singe
                • Borg
                • Ventura
                • Andy
                • Vivid
                • Purple
                • Thresh
                • Aqua
                • Edge wood
                • Aladin
                • Amber
                • Anne
                • Doug
                • Earl
                • Kevin
                • Polak
                • Stan

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              • Contrast:

            • Clear Filters
            • Click then drag the mouse to start drawing. Ctrl+Z = undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z = redo
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              • Fill options

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                  Lock object position:

                • Center vertical
                • Top left
                • Top center
                • Top right
                • Center Horizontal
                • Middle left
                • Middle center
                • Middle right
                • Press ← ↑ → ↓ to move 1 px,
                  Hit simultaneously SHIFT key to move 10px
                • Bottom left
                • Bottom center
                • Bottom right
              • Transforms
                • Rotate:

                • Skew X:

                • Skew Y:

                • Flip X:
                  Flip Y:

                  Free transform by press SHIFT+⤡

              • Font family
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                • Edit text

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                • Letter spacing

                • Line height

              • Text Effects
                • Text effects

                • Radius

                • Spacing

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